Traditional Bandages

November 17, 2016

Maintaining Water

Bearded Seal Blubber Bandages

Caribou Skin as a Substitute for Bearded Seal Blubber Bandages


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November 17, 2016


Grade 3: Social Studies

Type of Unit: Content, Integrated

15 Days



November 16, 2016


Grade 7: Inuktitut

Type of Unit: Content, Integrated

10-15 Days


Day 1: Introduction to Unit

Day 2: Lesson 1 - Focusing on the content theme.

Day 3: Journal Assignments

Day 4: Research

Day 5: Review

Day 6: Lesson 2

Day 7: Journal Assignment

Day 8: Field Trip

Day 9: Presentation Project

Day 10: Performance Test

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November 16, 2016

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